About Ferruzzi Design

Suzanne Del GrossoOwner

    In 1997, Massachusetts-born Suzanne Del Grosso was introduced to dichroic glass while achieving a Degree in Fashion Design.  It was love at first sight.  Suzanne found herself so mesmerized by this innovative glass medium that she decided to pursue fused glass jewelry design as a career.  Combining her fashion design background with years of experimentation,  Suzanne developed the distinctive artistic style embodied in each piece she creates today.  She founded Ferruzzi Design to bring her one-of-a-kind collection of thoughtfully handcrafted dichroic glass jewelry to a larger audience.

    Selected from a dynamic and contemporary color palette, each piece captures the eye with its holographic depth of color, visual textures and intricate patterns.  Such dramatic effects are achieved through the manipulation of light by the numerous micro-thin metallic layers applied to the surface of the glass.  Each piece has three very distinct sources of color: the light transmitted through the glass, the light refracted from the glass at 45 degrees, and lastly the light reflected directly from the glass at 90 degrees.

    “Dichroic glass is such a fascinating medium to work with since it appears to be made of living matter—–and to possess its own personality.  The material can be at once cooperative and difficult.  A tremendous dichotomy exists in the physical states of the glass.  It can be cold/rigid or molten/malleable, transparent or opaque, simple or complex.  It is a temperamental substance, demanding in technical skill, yet fragile of composition and delicate in design.  It is through these characteristics that the glass seems to be able to interpret any emotion.  Each person will see something different and unique in every piece.  The result is an intimate connection between the wearer and the glass.” — Suzanne Del Grosso,

    Suzanne’s collection is currently available in the United States with many pieces finding their way to homes in Europe, Asia and beyond….

What our customers are saying…

“From the very first time I saw Ferruzzi Design’s beautiful work, I was captivated. As a jewelry maker, I have seen lots of dichroic jewelry, but Suzanne’s out shines them all. I have bought several pieces for myself and as gifts, including earrings I commissioned from her. Each piece is truly a work of art and a cherished addition to my jewelry collection.”
Dale Lewinski, Salem, MA
“When I wear this jewelry, I feel powerful… it is the most positive enhancement to every mood, every outfit, every day. I can feel the love, care and energy that went into making my pieces. Suzanne’s creative glass working leaves me in giddy awe! Each piece sparkles with a life energy, as though it knows it is meant for you.”
Cass Marie Chiulli, Portland, ME
“Thank you for creating such beautiful and original pieces of jewelry.  Many of the amazing designs you display seem to tell a story.  I love unique, handcrafted, fun to wear jewelry…I look forward to your latest designs.  Your artistry is above and beyond any of your competitors!!!”
Jan Keating, Peabody, MA
“Suzanne truly is so talented.  I own many of her pieces and get compliments on them all the time.”
Gina Odoardi, Bradenton, FL